Monday, December 3, 2012


So I have officially started my construction project: Building Improved Cooking Stoves for 45 families in 3 of my communities. Project work includes preparing materials and sessions every month for the families on pre-elected topics such as nutrition BUT also going to visit those 45 families every month or every other month. So I have 2 extraordinary women who help me visit.
My first session....30 of the mothers or fathers.
My health post worker Doris explaining what is a Healthy Home and why it is important.
Here in one of the other communities, I only work with 15 families but we had a cooking class....they definitely were the teachers that day! I tried to make lentil burgers but they didn't turn out so well.
This is my favorite dude...most guys here are really macho men but look he is helping with the womens work. Also, he is extremely nice to me!!!

Look at that concentration...

This is Maria of my favorites. She goes with me on all 15 house visits in this community. She offers her house to do the sessions. So aka she is amazing and has a very positive outlook on life in general that keeps my spirits up.

Aren't those kids just so cute! haha. Well anyways in my other section (the one with 30 moms) I have a friend that also helps with house visits. Her name is Luzalina. She is great, always laughing and willing to help. So I usually go to her house pick her up and we continue on to visit the other families. Now she has to dogs Fideo and another that I don't know her name. The girl dog just had pups. Now I don't think Fideo is the dad but who knows. So I go to pick Luzalina up like usual...the dogs start barking and running at me also fairly usual. I put up my hand like I have a rock because dogs here recognize that as a sign to back off, because this wasn't my first time there I didn't actually have any rocks. Oh how smart Fideo is....isn't of making the usual running arc oh no he went for the goods.

 So thank God for Jenna bringing me a pedometer because that definitely saved my fleshy belly haha.

Of course though as I broke free and was turning to try and run and escape or find something to hit him with I fall with my butt in the air waving around like a target...

If I had died they would have been able to solve the crime because Fideo left his teeth marks on me.

Doesn't he seem like such a nice dog. Later on I found out that he has bitten approximately 20 ish people. The part that sucks the most was when I fell I hit the other side so sleeping on my back was all around uncomfortable because I was bruised on both sides. Now it is unfortunate to say that I'm scared anytime a dog comes to close. People here train their dogs to be aggressive and mean to protect their stuff at night. I mean I get it but dang do I hope that this never happens again because I got off lucky. Oh and did I mention why...because my shrill scream brought Luzalina running and as soon as she got to me Fideo was no where to be found.

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